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5 unique ways to generate leads for your Pest Control Business

As the owner of a pest control business, you know all too well that it takes more than just functional expertise, a courteous attitude and great prices to grow your business. It takes a five letter word that’s now considered basic vocabulary in every business’s growth book – Leads. Here’s the catch though. You want to generate more leads for your pest control business. But you want to do it without seeing a good chunk of your profits disappear the way a piece of cake disappears in a rodent infested home. Possible? Definitely. Here are 5 proven ways that will help you bump up those leads by yourself in the most cost-effective way possible.

1) Get out there and meet your customers:

They have a saying in digital marketing, ‘If the leads don’t come to you, then you better go to the leads yourself’. What this means is, it would be a great idea to get face-to-face with potential customers. Ideal meeting grounds would be local events that are relevant to homeowners, say for instance, events on gardening, home aesthetics and so on. You could also connect with prospects at online events or directly target them on local Facebook groups. Schedule video calls with customers who want to know more about the services you have to offer. Personal networking is a great way to ensure quality leads; just make sure to follow up with customers who share their contact details like email or phone number with you.

2) Partner with local businesses:

Another great way is to join forces with businesses who’re targeting the same customers as you. For example, you could have a lead sharing arrangement with a furniture store in your neighborhood. Customers buying furniture would at some point need termite solutions from a pest control company and could be referred to you. Conversely, customers seeking termite control solutions would need a change in furniture down the line and could be referred by you to the furniture store. Unity among local businesses is a win-win. Local SEO for contractors helps you to boost your local leads or local business.

3) Create online ads for your business:

If someone offers you a delicious meal when you aren’t hungry, would you have the desire to bite in? Not really. It works pretty much the same way when it comes to businesses soliciting customers. This is what makes online ads a very effective tool in your marketing mix. Say a customer types in ‘bed bug services’ in his or her google search bar. If your ad is set to show for those specific keywords, then the customer looking for those specific services will see your ad and get to know about your business when he or she really needs your services. There’s a difference between being around and being around when you’re really needed. 

4) Make landing pages for your services:

Unlike a home page, a landing page will not immerse your customers in a sea of information. It’s the page your customers ‘land’ on upon clicking on a link or ad that’s promoted by you. It’s the page that will have only the content that your customer is looking for and nothing else, besides of course a clear call to action. So, if you put out an online ad for mosquito control services, your landing page will feature content relevant to this service – like the chemicals you use, the time you take, the process you employ or the service packages you offer. The landing page will also have a form to capture the visitor’s contact details along with a call to action like ‘Get A Free Quote’ or ‘Request A Free Inspection’. The more landing pages you create that correspond to varying sets of keywords, the more leads you generate for your business.

5) Ask for referrals:

Happy customers make great ambassadors for your business. So, every time you successfully deliver a service that earns you a star-rated smile from the customer, don’t end your interaction with a mere handshake. Make a polite request for a referral. Because, even in a world where customers can find online reviews within a couple of clicks, word of mouth recommendations from friends, family or work buddies carry an influencing power that’s hard to match. Incentives like discounts on your services would help too, in getting customers to consider making a referral.

Generating leads can seem an overwhelming task for any business. But then as the wise SEO expert says, the tallest mountain becomes smaller with every gradual step. So, while looking for pest control SEO services, SEO for pest control companies or pest control digital marketing services is the conventional and in many cases, pricey answer to increasing leads, you could also try investing your time, efforts and perhaps, a much smaller part of your profits, into multiple lead generating channels like the ones we’ve shared above. And slowly but surely, you will see the mountains getting smaller and your stack of leads getting taller.


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