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Everything Plumbers Need to Know about Local Service Ads

Heard of the idiom ‘early bird catches the worm’? 

Well, when it comes to the online world, it is the businesses that rank well on SERP (or search engine results pages) that catch the work. Every second, businesses are competing to rank well in the search engine results precisely because of the value this visibility brings to their business. 

Local Service Ads are a direct way of reaching out to customers who are looking for services based businesses (like plumbing) in their area. 

These ads help customers reach local service-based companies but listing them on top of the search results. This makes Local Service Ads (LSAs) an integral part of SEO for plumbing companies. Someone looking for plumbing services in Philly will be able to find plumbers in Philly directly from the ad via contact details listed therein. 

This is what Local Service Ads look like to your prospective customers:

local seo for plumbers

LSAs present information that you have provided such as the name of your business, where it is located, your phone number, rating, and business hours. There is also a quick call option that people can use to get in touch instantly.

At Sociosquares, we offer assistance with setting up Local Service Ads for your business as part of local SEO for plumbers and plumbing companies. We help you set up your Local Service Ads account with Google, apply for approval and set up the ads for your business.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of setting up LSAs for your plumbing business

More visibility

With LSAs, your plumbing business will stand a chance to be visible to more people than without it. With LSAs, your business listing sits on top of the search page. What’s more, instead of being directed to your website or having to fill a form, your prospective customers can directly get in touch with you. 

More leads

When someone in need of your services searches for the same in their area, the first thing they are going to see is the LSA listings with your business in them. What happens when your business is visible to more people needing plumbers? You get more leads! 


When investing in PPC for plumbing companies, you pay for the traffic that the campaign drives to your website. When you set up Local Services ads, you pay per verified lead to Google. This helps you get a higher ROI from your marketing spend. 

Google guarantee

Google will conduct a background check on your business and you can earn a Google Guaranteed badge for your business. This badge will appear when your business is listed on the Local Services ads section, indicating that your business has passed Google’s verification process. This helps prospective customers trust your business and get in touch with you.

Ratings and Reviews 

Your business reviews and ratings will be reflected when your LSA is displayed. Every lead that gets converted into a customer will also receive a request to review from Google. 

More reviews and good rating help inspire people to trust your business, especially those who are availing of your plumbing services for the first time.

We hope you are convinced of how important Local Service Ads are for your business.

At Sociosquares we follow the marketing best practices for the plumbing industry and we will help you achieve your business goals. 

If you schedule a consultation with us, we will be happy to customise a marketing plan that agrees with your goals and budget. For a free proposal or a quick chat about your business and its marketing requirements, get in touch.

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