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Increased the organic traffic in 3 months by following the top Google Algorithms practices


India has the world’s largest youth population. Youth with voices and opinions; youth who want to be heard. And Youth Ki Awaaz is where they choose to speak up, spread awareness, and take action on the things that matter. 

Youth Ki Awaaz

Over 75,000 youth use this platform to tell their stories, and share their opinions and perspectives on some of the toughest issues that will shape our nation and the world. But in a nation that has over 200 million youth, is that really enough? 


Get more eyeballs. 

While media pushes accounted for Youth Ki Awaaz reaching as many eyeballs as possible, the organic reach still felt lacking. Because while the voices of the future are powerful, Search engine algorithms can be even more so. 

So they asked us to increase their organic reach. An easy enough ask for us.


Here’s how our SEO experts tackled the Herculean task. 


  1.  We updated older articles to match current trends.

With a platform like Youth Ki Awaaz, one that is constantly talking about the news of the day, website content maintenance is essential. Mainly because, what’s relevant today, may not be two years from now. 

By updating the older links on the website with more relevant information, we saw 51.68% new users in the last month! 

  1. We cleaned spammy links.

No matter how pretty your house looks, you still got to take down the cobwebs. And that’s what we did with all the low quality links to the site. After all, quality attracts quality. 

Using the Google Disavow tool, we cleaned up all the bad links on the website and increased the number of sessions by 46.11%

  1. We implemented CLS for Page Speed.

Visibility windows may be short, but attention spans are shorter. And if you’re not going to say what you got to say in a jiffy, chances are your viewer ain’t sticking around to hear it. 

Putting to work the latest tips and insights from Google, we dropped the bounce rate by 4% in the last month!


Google Analytics YKA Report

Like many websites, Youth Ki Awaaz was impacted by a Google Broad Core Algorithm, i.e. the May Core 2020 algorithm. But with our carefully thought out strategy, we were able to overcome the impact and even thrive after the December 2020 algorithm update. 

In summation, 

Over 54,000 new users and over 60,000 new sessions on the website. 

In a month. 


Mission accomplished.


We are SocioSquares. We believe in quality and effective SEO strategies, thorough research, and perfectly timed execution. We sure as hell do not believe in one size fits all. Because it never does. 

Hit us up, if you want others to “see” your business as you do. 

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