It’s no secret – anyone with a half-decent smartphone has the potential to go viral. And since videos are today’s media medium of choice, more often than not it’s a video that has gone viral. TikTok is proof of that. 

How to Successfully Use Social Media in Your Brand Ambassador Program

There was a time when people used social media to connect with friends and family. Not so much anymore! Today, social sites are all the rage when it comes to information gathering, product chatter, and forming communities. It’s little wonder then that every brand (and its sister concern) is rushing head first onto social media sites to promote their products.

Amazon and the Art of Employee Advocacy

There are a number of horror stories on social media haunting Amazon, and they’ve clearly had to deal with their fair share of flack in recent times. From poor wages and overtime violations to the real kicker – employees having to choose bottles over toilets to meet their targets! – the e-commerce giant even had to deal with a US senator circulating a petition urging the company to improve it’s working conditions. Naturally, they were willing to try anything to combat their growing negative image.

Can Employees Really Match Paid Influencers?

Influencer marketing is quickly becoming an indispensable tactic in social media marketing. Paid influencers can indeed bring in quick results, as they have a ready following that is very receptive of what they say or “like” in the digital and social media world.  Just Google the Kardashians’ earnings from such endorsements alone; that’ll show you the potential of influencer marketing.

Top 10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Social Media Management Tool

Social media plays a huge role in generating Buzz, otherwise known as some good ol’-fashioned word-of-mouth. With more than 3 billion people using social media, marketers have realized the worth of time and effort invested in running a successful social media campaign. Most have now made it an essential part of their marketing strategy. The brand in turn is bound to get its due by the increased online reach that social media provides.

What Does Twitter’s New Privacy Policy Mean for You?

Twitter created quite the stir this month when it released a series of new privacy updates. Once a firm supporter of the website privacy policy Do Not Track (DNT), Twitter seems to have chosen the other side this time around with their automatic location tracker that lets advertisers know where you’ve been on the web.