How to Boost Engagement on Social Platforms with Employee Advocacy

In today’s world with internet access, possibilities are endless. Brands in their different fields are competing with one another to gain a lot of eyeballs and sales. Whether its offline marketing or online channels, brands want their presence to be known far and wide. Typically, brands would tweet or post about their products, work out stunning visuals and go ahead with posting them on various channels, be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

10 Tools That Every Brand Marketer Must Be Familiar With

With online marketing gaining more and more attention; it is quintessential for brand marketers to know, how their brands are being perceived on the web space. Every marketer today needs to be well versed with the tools that help monitor the performance of their brands in the digital space. Currently, there is an abundance of tools online that analyse the performance and engagement of the audience with any particular brand online. That being said, we have put together a list of 10 crème de la crème tools that every brand manager must be familiar with:

The CEO Is No Longer The Strongest Brand Advocate

Modern leaders are not just the ones who create amazing products, but also the ones who develop new generations of leaders, empower their employees and utilize organic advocacy. In these social times, advocacy is quintessential for any company or brand. Sometime back, the CEO was known to be the strongest advocate for a brand. However, things have changed and the CEO is no longer the most trusted source of a brand’s communication. So, what (or who) is the most trustworthy source of brand communication now?

How Employee Advocacy can be a Game Changer for your Company

Social media is no longer just a collection of digital marketing tactics. Gone are the days when being present on social media alone was good enough for the brands. Well, not anymore. Social Media has evolved into a channel that lets brands connect with clients and prospective clients to provide information that could potentially solve their business problems. Some brands have known it for a while. They have realised that Social Media is not about brand and technology. It is about people and trustworthy relationships. But how can a brand make and effectively nurture relationships with people on social media? The answer is – by Employee Advocacy.

Up Up and Away! – How to Kickstart an Employee Advocacy Program

Employee advocacy is no longer a secret kept by a handful of brands anymore. Many smart brands have done their research and realized the potential of employee advocacy, and have jumped the bandwagon already.
For the uninitiated, Employee Advocacy is getting your employees to spread the brand’s official communication with their personal social media networks, in turn helping the brand achieve its goals. It has proved to be extremely beneficial to brands in terms of ROI. No matter what the goals are (sales, branding, recruitment), empowering the employees to spread the word has shown tremendous results.

Everyone Can Sell – Sales People Beyond Your Sales Team

In the past couple of years, there has been a major overhaul in how brands need to manage their online presence. What changed? People started trusting less in traditional media and more in social media. Additionally, people started showing more trust in employees of a company rather than the official communication. Brands have realized that empowering employees to advocate the brand results in sales. But does the onus lie only with the sales team? Read on to know.

Put An End To Your Customers’ Trust Issues

While many companies have blocked access to social media networks for their employees, there are some companies who are going towards the other extreme and promoting their employees to be active on social media. There are various reasons for this changing trend and one of them is turning out to be very prominent in companies across sectors. This trend is Employee Advocacy and it has emerged as a game-changer for social media presence of companies recently.

The Force is Strong with your Employees

In a galaxy (not) far far away, many smart companies have realized that the biggest asset they have is employees. In the digital age, every employee is a valuable resource when it comes to social media promotion. When your employees start sharing your company’s official communication with their personal networks, it is called employee advocacy. Does it make a difference? Sure it does! In this article, we will discuss how.

Student Advocacy for Educational Institutes


  • A College has to spend a lot of money on branding it as a great place to study at.
  • Students have their juniors (prospective applicants) as their contacts on social media who might not be reached through the college’s advertising.
  • There are also prospective employers in the personal networks of students who are not reached by the conventional advertising.


  • SocioAdvocacy provides a custom panel to each student where they can stay updated with the college news and updates.
  • It allows students to share the posts with prospectus purchase deep links. That means, if an aspirant buys a prospectus through an existing student, the latter gets rewarded for that.
  • SocioAdvocacy also allows students or placement committee to share the Placement Brochure with potential employers by tagging them on LinkedIn or other social networks.


Expected Results:

  • Increase in the number of college applications through social media.
  • Lowered cost per sale of the college prospectus.
  • Increase in companies coming in for job placements.
  • Lowered cost of offline marketing.