7 Employee Advocacy Myths Debunked

Commonly described as a widely held but false belief or idea, a myth can be fairly damaging when left unattended. And the buzz around the nascent concept of employee advocacy has developed a few of its own.

How Real Time and Local SEO Are Changing the Game

There are over 40,000 Google searches every second. I would know, I Google searched that.

It’s no secret that several websites rely on Google to deliver much of their traffic. More importantly, the traffic accounts for most of their conversions, and hence revenue.

Employee Advocacy Starts with Work Culture

Employees are a valuable asset that you can leverage to increase your company’s social media reach and content visibility. Employee advocacy, although a relatively new marketing technique, has been perceived as being a cost-effective way to achieve this.  More companies are beginning to realize that employees have the power to create a reach beyond that of the CEO and the brand’s official pages in promoting products and services across their own social networks. All while instilling trust in the brand and its expertise.