Why you need Employee Advocacy Now More Than Ever

Ever so often, we get asked the question – What makes employee advocacy so special?

Of course, being in the business, we’re able to list out every single minute detail of what the concept brings to the table. Better reach, more visibility, a curated list of prospects… the list is long and you’re probably thinking you’ve heard it before. But, you haven’t heard it all.

The State of Workplace Communications

Effective communication in the workplace has the ability to make operations more fluid and improve productivity. It has the potential to increase employee morale and thereby positively impact their commitment to the organization. It’s not difficult to imagine how frustrating poor internal communication can be in business.

Using UGC and Employee Advocacy for Social Selling

Let’s face it, the average employee is capable of generating tons of content for you every day. This content is relatable and trustworthy can be harnessed to improve your brand visibility, spruce up sales, create more traffic, and generate more leads. Of course, most businesses aren’t seeing the value in such content, but several have already taken advantage of it by building some fantastic campaigns merging User Generated Content (UGC) and employee advocacy.

How to Encourage Participation in Your Employee Advocacy Program

By now, it’s common knowledge that employee advocacy takes regular, average-joe employees and turns them into budget-friendly, highly effective brand ambassadors. Just to prove our point, recent surveys have revealed that consumers trust the word of an employee within an organization more than that of even the CEO of the company.

Can Employees Really Match Paid Influencers?

Influencer marketing is quickly becoming an indispensable tactic in social media marketing. Paid influencers can indeed bring in quick results, as they have a ready following that is very receptive of what they say or “like” in the digital and social media world.  Just Google the Kardashians’ earnings from such endorsements alone; that’ll show you the potential of influencer marketing.