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Case Study: Why should local businesses in the US opt for Google Guaranteed ads in their PPC campaign?

From browsing through scores of reviews to asking friends and colleagues for recommendations. Customers do everything possible to get an assurance of quality before they decide to transact with a local business. Imagine a tool that can not only help customers eliminate all this trouble but also make it easier for businesses to win the trust of their customers. This is where the Google Guaranteed Ad comes in. Read this blog to understand the basics of a Google Guaranteed Ad and why you need to consider making it a part of your digital marketing campaign.

What is a Google Guarantee?

How do customers make a choice that doesn’t result in an unpleasant product or service experience? If only, there was an assurance that every customer could rely on; an assurance that would give customers the courage and the confidence to go ahead and choose a business that serves their needs. Oh, but there is.

Google Guarantee is a badge that’s selectively awarded to those businesses that meet Google’s exacting parameters of excellence. Businesses carrying this badge imply they have been verified by Google on factors including background, insurance, liability and more. This badge also means Google will reimburse the amount paid if the customer is not satisfied by the service provided by the business bearing its badge.

What is a Google Guaranteed Ad?

A Google Guaranteed Ad will have the name and details of a business as in a regular local service ad, but with one difference. It will also have a green color badge with a white checkmark, a ‘Google Guaranteed’ tag and your average star-rating alongside it. A Google Guaranteed Ad will do in an instant what no ordinary ad can hope to achieve. It will tell the customer the business bearing this badge is verified by Google and can be expected to deliver a service or product experience of high quality standards. 

The benefits of running Google Guaranteed Ads

 1) Be seen at the top of the page:

It’s a fact, over 75% of people surfing the net don’t scroll past the first page of search results. Your regular local service ad may get you a spot somewhere on the first page but a Google Guaranteed Ad gives your business the privilege of being seen right at the top of the local stack. You become visible as soon as the page opens and this maximizes your chances of both clicks and leads.

2) Earn trust in an instant:

As per one study, trust is a deciding factor in making purchase decisions for 81% of customers. A Google Guaranteed Ad will help you win the trust of this audience, because the badge you carry tells them your business is screened and verified as a reputable and trustworthy business.

3) Give your business a superior edge:

The average star rating and prominent green checkmark on your ad will enable your business to stand out distinctly amidst your competition. In fact, your green check marked ads will convey a message loud and clear – businesses that are not Google verified are not as trustworthy, competent and reliable as you and therefore, not worth clicking on. 

4) Assurance even in audio searches and calls:

When a customer uses voice search options such as Google Assistant or Google Home to find your business, they will hear an affirmation that your business is Google Guaranteed. The same applies when customers try reaching your business via calls. Think of the leap in conversions that’ll follow with this small change in the way you enable the world to locate or contact you. 

5) Let customers know you’ll go the extra mile:

Taking the efforts to comply with Google’s stringent verification protocols speaks volumes about your business. For instance, it tells them that your business is genuine and dependable and you are open to doing everything necessary to guarantee your customers’ satisfaction.

6) Get qualified leads:

Your Google Guaranteed Local Service Ads will only be visible to customers in your service area. Furthermore, with a Google Guaranteed Ad, you only need to pay if a customer calls you or messages you directly through the ad. This ensures you invest only on leads that are solid for your business.

How to qualify for a Google Guarantee

It follows logically that if a Google Guaranteed Ad spells assurance, then a Google Guarantee Badge entails scrutiny. The screening procedures deployed by Google to award its much-desired ‘green checkmark’ badge include checks that cover a business’s license, insurance and background.

 As you would have learnt by now, adding Google Guaranteed Ads in your PPC campaign will not only help you win trust easier but also land better quality leads in the long run. If you’d like to explore the power of Google Guaranteed Ads for your business, you could look us up. We’re SocioSquares – a digital marketing agency with over 11 years of experience in helping small to medium-sized clients achieve faster growth with the right digital strategies. Whether you’re looking for a PPC campaign for roofers, an expert in roofing PPC or even just a company that specializes in digital marketing for roofers, give us a call. We’d love to know more about your business and then work out a plan that perfectly matches your growth aspirations.

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