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Use Cases for Employee Advocacy 

The impact of social media in today’s society has become crucial to a company’s digital identity. As such, today’s contemporary and tech savvy workforce are using social networks for a lot more than communication with their peers.Modern employees can be empowered to post, and share, company updates online, which has paved the way for the growth of employee marketers. Social media employee advocacy has become huge; traditional departments such as HR and marketing now have to find strategies that can encourage coordination that can increase employee advocacy in an organization.

The benefits of employee advocacy


Increased social media reach

Employee advocates are connected to ten times as many users as their brand does on social media, which means that they can increase a brand’s reach exponentially. This increased social media reach is particularly easy for organizations that have different branches and multiple offices.

Increased employee engagement

Disengaged employees can be engaged innovatively by integrating advocacy tools and technologies in the digital workplace. Engaged employees are more likely to have a vested interest in the company’s expansion.

Humanizes your brand

Your employees are likely to get better results when they amplify your branded content. This is a great strategy to humanize your content and can result in increased leads, reach and brand awareness.


Employee advocacy use cases

Student advocates for Universities

Students have access to prospective applicants that consist of relatives, friends, and juniors that they have left in their high schools who are difficult to reach using traditional mediums of advertising. Student brand advocacy allows students to share posts, placement brochures and news and updates, which leads to increased engagement and improved recruitment numbers.

Guest advocates for Hospitality chains

Only a small percentage of guest actually go online and talk about their positive experiences, however, there is a huge opportunity for guests to engage with their hospitality chains. Hotel chains can offer Wi-Fi that allows guest to share the hotel’s social media content as well as post their reviews on various platforms. This enhances the organic reach on social media and increases the number of positive reviews that are shared online.

E-commerce Seller Advocacy

There are many e-commerce brands in the marketplace that do not necessarily get the visibility they deserve. As such, e-commerce seller advocacy provides sellers with a custom panel that allows them to see their store and share products from the store directly on their social networks. This will lead to more control in terms of promotion and increased social media reach.

Reseller Advocacy for Insurance companies

Most insurance providers are typically forced to move door to door to generate leads. This process is tiring and slow, which is why social advocacy allows employees to share posts on their personal networks. This results in amplified conversations due to increased leads.

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